Setting up

Setting Up

Now that you have moved in to your new home it is time to settle in. When setting up home, there’s more to do than just unpack. We provide information on storage options, home and contents insurance and getting to know your new local area.


Having your utilities connected such as water, gas and electricity when you move in, is essential. It pays to know who your energy suppliers are in your area and compare ...

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Having delivered all your furniture and personal items to your new home it’s time to think about where to store them. In this section you will find helpful information on ...

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Organising your new home

Just when you thought you were finished moving into your new home, you realise you need to set up your rooms. In this section you will find details about having a plan in ...

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Your new local area

After everything has been stored away and your home is all set up, it’s time to get to know your local area. In this section you will find helpful information on settling ...

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