The costs of moving interstate

It's no surprise that moving interstate costs are considerably more than relocating within your current city or town. The process of shifting your life from one state to another can be quite emotionally and financially draining.

Charges associated with a move interstate can well and truly blow the budget. It pays to identify what the fees and charges are involved and how to go about minimising them.

Creating a realistic budget, that integrates all moving interstate costs will be sure to take the pressure off and allow for you to prepare for your move and avoid any nasty surprises.

In all likelihood, the biggest moving interstate cost will be your removalist fees. Calculations of removalist charges for a move interstate vary between removal companies.

Some companies charge by cubic metre of space your belongings take up, whilst other companies will give you a quote based on the amount of items to load.

Add to this, the distance required to travel, time of year you are moving and ease of access at both your old and new property and all of a sudden the charges begin to rise.

It is vital if you want to save money on removalist fees during your move interstate, that you do the required research to find out which removalist is going to offer you the best deal possible. To get a realistic quote from a removalist it is important to have already prepared a full inventory of the items you plan to take with you.

Be sure to read the fine print on any removalist agreement you engage in, to ensure that your goods are insured (if not, purchase insurance separately) and that there are no hidden charges.

When you are calculating your moving interstate costs, identify areas that you can save money on. Booking ahead and backloading are both good options to save a bit of extra money on your removalist bills and should be a part of your removalist quote comparison process.

Packing your home yourself will help save money instead of paying a packing company to do it for you. Take the time to give away, sell or throw out any unnecessary items that you no longer use or want.

It seems silly to be paying fees to move items that you no longer have any use for. Hold a garage sale for your pre-loved furniture and belongings and receive cash that can be used towards your move.

When creating your budget, keep in mind that it is not only your removalist that you have to account for. There may be charges associated with disconnecting and reconnecting utilities, memberships as well as any fees associated with your new property before it is ready to move in to.

Your vehicle registration and drivers licence will need to be transferred to your new home state. The charges for these vary from state to state in Australia so you will need to do some research to create an accurate budget.

If you make a fully inclusive list of all of your moving interstate costs and research any money saving options available to you, you might be surprised at how much you can actually save on the total cost of your interstate move.

Hidden fees and charges add to the burden of moving interstate, so ensure you are fully educated on the costs that ly ahead of your move, before you begin.