How to reduce your moving costs

If you are changing jobs and are being reimbursed on moving costs by your new company, you are quite fortunate. If part or all of your moving expenses are being covered during your relocation, it will cut down on your total moving costs significantly.

However, even if you aren't receiving reimbursement for your moving costs, there are still several ways that you can save money on moving if you think strategically:

  1. Be flexible with your moving date: You can often secure much cheaper moving costs if you're flexible on your moving dates and times. As a rule of thumb, try to move in the middle of the month instead of at the first or last of the month, if possible.

    You have a greater chance of saving money on your moving costs by booking at a less popular time. It's also significantly cheaper to move on a weekday rather than on a weekend.

    It's recommended to book a moving service, six weeks in advance to secure your desired moving date.
  2. Pack your own boxes: The more work that you require a moving service to do, the more that your total moving costs will be. If you hire a moving company to pack all your boxes and load the truck for you, your moving expenses will be higher.

    However, if you purchase used boxes and packaging supplies and pack up your house yourself, you can cut down on your moving budget significantly.
  3. Get rid of old belongings: Lightening your load will help to reduce moving expenses. Get rid of clothing and other items that you haven't used in the past year.

    If you sell valuable items to consignment shops or have a garage sale, you can actually earn money to put toward your moving budget.
  4. Maximise your vehicle load: If you're driving to your new home across the city or to another state, you can save money by loading your vehicle up as fully as possible.

    Instead of leaving random items like lamps and clocks for your moving service, transport them yourself so the movers have more room to load larger furniture items.


Top moving tip

Don't assume that a moving service will tell you about additional fees. When you receive a price quote from a removalist company, make sure to ask if all extra fees have been factored in.

This will prevent any unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill on moving day.


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