Costs for hiring a removalist

According to 'A Guide to the Cost of Home Purchase' by the Home Purchase Advisory Service of Australia, the average cost of a removalist will average out to $550-$3500.1

Granted, this is a huge range in price that will depend upon:

  • The distance that you are moving.
  • How much furniture you are moving.
  • If you hire full-service movers or pack and load your own belongings.

For a more specific estimate of the costs of hiring a removalist for your relocation, you must get a quote online or in person.

Many websites for moving services will advertise their average costs or the lowest prices available. Yet you won't be able to get a completely accurate quote until you have given a removalist an inventory of your belongings, the exact distance of your move and the dates that you need to move.

Here are a few factors that will affect your removalist costs during relocation:

  • How long your move takes. Many removalist companies charge by the half-hour or hour, so moving faster means that your total bill will likely be cheaper.

    If you're not hiring full-service movers to pack and load your belongings for you, you can cut down on your total moving time by boxing your belongings in advance so that they are labelled clearly and ready to pack in the truck on moving day.
  • How many movers you need. If you and several friends are willing to help pack your belongings into the moving truck or do all of the work yourself, you can save money on hiring a removalist.

    Even if you are willing to help the removalists load the truck, you can save money by hiring one mover instead of two.
  • How many belongings you need to move. If you want to move smart and save on removal costs, only hire a moving service for big items like large pieces of furniture.

    If you have access to a pickup truck, you can take clothing and boxes to your new home yourself and cut down on your total moving expenses.

Clearly, the more time and effort that you are willing to put into your move, the more you will save on hiring a removalist.

Many people are under the impression that hiring a moving truck for DIY moving is the cheapest option by far. Though, you also have to factor in the cost of petrol and insurance to rent your own moving truck.

This extra amount of money instead, could be used to hire movers and a moving truck to pack and load your belongings for you for a significant amount of time.

When it comes to saving money on moving, your total cost will depend on the factors listed above. By shopping around for different removal services and choosing an affordable, reliable company, you can cut down on your total moving expenses significantly.


Top moving tip

Want to save more time and possibly money when hiring a moving service? Secure reserved parking for the moving truck in advance to make unloading quick and easy.



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