A moving out of home checklist

If you are looking for a moving out of home checklist then you are probably taking the first steps out of the "nest" and into the world of independence. As daunting and scary as it can be it is also wonderful and exciting to realise that now your life is truly your own and you get to choose how you live it.

There are so many things that you don't realise you have to organise or pack yet, therefore such a checklist will ensure that you identify everything you require to settle in comfortably at your new place.

A moving out of home checklist should be tailored to your own needs. If you are moving out into a house with friends you won't need to do it all on your own, but it's still useful to to have a checklist that accounts for essential items that need completing.

Packing is a very important element of your moving out of home checklist. Take the time to talk to your parents and/or friends to find out what you will need and what you can pick up cheaply. Pool your resources to save money and time.

Below is a really good checklist of things you need to do before you move. This list should help to start you off when you are moving out for the first time. It includes the sort of things you need to remember to pack as well as the bits and pieces that need to be done along the way to ensure you are covered from start to finish.


Things to consider before you move:

  • Hire or DIY: Do you need a removalist or are family and friends going to help you? Make sure you have it organised one way or the other and booked in for your moving day.
  • Utilities: Do you need to set up an electricity, phone, internet, pay TV account at your new place?
  • Furniture: Do you need to buy furniture or can you source it from other places?
  • Bills: Pay any bills you have now so you don't have old debt following you to your new place.
  • List things to take: Make a list of all the things you want to take with you. Take the time to think about what you will need for each room in your new home.
  • Research your new area: For instance, where is the closest supermarket, ATM, petrol station, doctor, dvd rental? Are they within walking distance?
  • Insurance: Do you need to organise home and contents insurance? Do you need to notify your change of address with your car insurance company?
  • Dispose of unwanted items: Get rid of any unwanted items by doing a garage sale and raise some extra money to purchase things for the new place.
  • Budget: Do a full budget for your moving expenses, making sure you have enough money to cover the costs.
  • Lease: Sign your lease and pick up the keys to the new place.
  • Loose ends: Return videos, DVDs, and library books and cancel your memberships if necessary.
  • List contents: Make a list of the contents for each box when you pack it. Attach it to the side of the box when you tape it up. This will help you remember what is in each box.
  • Sort items: Pack your belongings into room specific boxes, one for the kitchen, lounge room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Itemise the boxes so you know where everything is when you are unpacking the new house.
  • Notifications: supply change of address notifications for all important memberships and government offices and consider redirecting your mail to cover anything you might have forgotten.

    Alternatively, you can go to the Australia Post website to have your mail redirected and to arrange change of address notifications to be sent to organisations you nominate.


By taking the time to create your own personalised moving out of home checklist, you can ensure that you will be fully prepared when the big day comes.

Being fully prepared will allow you to budget correctly for all the new expenses and will help you avoid any confusion.