A DIY house moving checklist

Moving can be simplified if you plan in advance, even if you're handling the move yourself instead of hiring relocationists to do it for you. Start out on the right foot by creating a comprehensive moving checklist that you can use to organise and plan your relocation far in advance.

Take into account the following when creating a do it yourself moving checklist:

  • Pick your moving date. The first step on your relocation checklist is to establish a moving date and work backward from there. You can set small milestones to plan your move in increments of two weeks leading up to your moving date.
  • Book a moving truck or hire professional movers. Having an idea what your moving date will likely be, it's worth researching removalists and moving vehicle rentals to obtain price quotes from a minimum of three.
  • Conduct an inventory of your belongings. By adding an inventory of your belongings to your moving checklist, not only will it keep you organised as you move to your new home, but it's ideal for insurance purposes.
  • Plan where things will go. Additionally, this is the perfect time to consider the floor plan of your new home and start planning where your furniture and belongings will go.
  • Provide change of address notifications. Notify all relevant organisation of your change of address.
  • Transfer or set up utilities. Transfer services from your old to new home, such as telephone, internet, pay TV, electricity, and gas. Remember to leave a buffer when transferring services.

    It's recommended to leave utilities on in your old place, 48 hours after you move, in case you forget anything and need to return. Attempt to arrange utilities in your new home to be connected 48 hours in advance to enable you to move in as comfortably as possible.
  • Gather packing materials. Include in your moving checklist the requirement to gather all packing materials, like boxes, packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap or butcher paper for padding.
  • Day bag. Pack a small bag of clothing and toiletries to take with you during your relocation so its easily accessible and not stored away in the moving truck.