Tips for moving with children

After all of the details have been finalised and you have a new home ready and waiting for you to move into, the hard part isn't over yet. Now you have to tell your kids and help them adjust to a big move looming in their future.

When it comes to helping your kids adjust to moving home, these tips for moving house will help to acclimate children of all ages:

  1. Have a family meeting. One of the best tips for moving house is to start with a family meeting. Open the lines of communication over dinner and encourage your kids to join in the conversation.

    Share your own feelings with your children about moving home, either good or bad, so that your kids feel equally as comfortable expressing their concerns.
  2. Involve them in the house selection process. If your children are slightly older (teenagers), asking for their feedback when choosing your new home will possibly help them feel more willing to move home.
  3. Have a family moving sale. An important tip for moving house is engaging in a family bonding session, such as disposing your old belongings together. This involvement will hopefully draw your kids even further into the moving process.

    You may even consider allowing them to keep the money they received from selling their items, if you're feeling generous.
  4. Explore your new surrounds. Try researching your new neighbourhood and community, especially if you're moving to a different city or state. Help your kids research their new school and all of the entertainment options in the local area, like parks, movie theatres, and shopping centres.

    This will make your kids even more comfortable by giving them a clearer picture of what they can look forward to after moving.

The above tips for moving house can help your kids adjust to relocation. It's also important to consider the ages and unique personalities of your children.

Older children may have a more difficult time adjusting to a move if they're leaving friends and their school behind. You can make the process easier on your family by using the moving house tips above and by asking your older children for even more input in planning the relocation.

When children feel that their opinions are valued in a big life change, it will help them to relax and become even more comfortable with moving to a new environment.