Moving house effectively and efficiently

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving house? It wouldn't surprise most, if you regarded moving home to be quite a challenging experience.

Research has revealed that 24% of homeowners confirmed that buying a house was one of their most stressful life experiences.1 This was compared to the stress of starting a new job at 14%, having a child at 13%, and getting married at a mere 9%!

Buying and moving house tops the charts as the number one most stressful life experience for people of all ages, rising to as much as 37% in younger homeowners from the ages of 20 to 29.

While stress when moving house may be a given, it doesn't have to ruin your relocation. Careful planning should be the first order of business if you want to ensure an efficient move to your new home.


Four steps for a smooth house move

  1. Organise your belongings 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This is the time to sort through your storage spaces and throw out or donate any items that you no longer need. The rest of your belongings should be packed into boxes and clearly labelled for transportation by the relocationists.
  2. Gather packing supplies 6 weeks in advance. In order to move house with the least amount of hassle, start purchasing and gathering packing supplies far in advance.

    There's nothing worse than running out of boxes on the day of a move. You can purchase all of your packing materials from a moving supply company, or you can save money by gathering boxes from supermarkets, liquor stores, and retail shops.
  3. Book travel arrangements 6 weeks in advance. If you're moving home across country, then you may need to book temporary accommodation, flight and possibly even car rental as early as possible.

    Even if you are moving from one neighbourhood to another, take the time to book your moving service far in advance to secure a lower rate. If at all possible, keep your travel arrangements flexible to account for any delays or cancellations.
  4. Change your address 2-4 weeks in advance. In the month leading up to your big move, it is the perfect time to inform your change of address to organisations such as credit card companies, utility companies, insurance companies, banks and especially to friends and family.

    It is also advisable to apply for a mail redirection with Australian Post to ensure that your mail moves with you. You can apply in store at any Australia Post retail outlet or online.

    Also if you redirect your mail permanently, you can also take advantage of Australia Post's Notify Organisations service. They make it easier for you to notify selected organisations of your new address. You simply choose the relevant organisations online using their secure service and they contact them with your new address details.

    Updating your address in advance will ensure that you don't miss any important documents or bills in the post after moving house.


Top moving tip

On moving day, don't forget to do a final walk-through of your home to make sure that no important belongings were overlooked. If possible, oversee the relocationists as they load the truck to check that valuable furniture and antiques are loaded safely.



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