How to move house with minimal stress

Procrastination can be your worst enemy when you move house. By planning and organising in advance, you can reduce stress, mistakes, and unnecessary expenses on your moving day.

Whether you're moving across town or across state and country, organisation when you move house, will make a world of difference. This will prevent you from falling into the familiar stereotype that moving is one of life's most daunting experiences.

Begin by creating a checklist that you can stick to throughout your move. It should include a clear timeline of when to gather packing supplies, pack your belongings, schedule movers, and notify your change of address, prior to moving day. Try never to leave any important task until the last minute when you move house.


Consider these moving house tips

  • Moving with children: How can I reduce stress when moving house with children? Try encouraging your children to participate actively in the relocation, regardless of their age.

    Most children tend to act up if they feel uncomfortable or scared about moving. You can ease your child's fears by asking for their help in packing their belongings, taking them to their new home in advance to get acclimated and allowing them to give input in decorating their new room.

  • Moving with pets: Pets can often pick up on the stress of moving house to cause behavioural issues or even possibly trigger them to run away. In many cases, it's best to board a pet in a kennel during relocation so that they don't get lost or stepped on during the move.

    If your pets get anxious easily, you can use a pheromone product for cats or dogs that will naturally help them feel relaxed. Introduce your pet to the product 3 to 4 days in advance so that they can calm down by the time you move house.

Hire an all-in-one moving service

If you feel like you're overwhelmed in planning your move, hiring a multi-purpose moving service may be your best bet. An all-in-one mover will pack, move, and store your belongings for you, for one flat fee.

Instead of hiring a moving service, packing your belongings yourself, and renting a separate storage facility, a multipurpose moving company will do all of the work for you.

This will free up your time as you move house so that you can focus your attention on more important tasks, like successfully acclimating your children and pets to your new home.

With a little proactive planning, moving can actually be a pleasant experience with minimal stress.


Top moving tip

Help your kids relax prior to moving day by taking them on a tour of your new neighbourhood. Point out local parks, shopping centres and movie theatres so that they have something to look forward to after relocation.