Frequently asked questions when moving house

Moving house can be overwhelming and complicated if you don't take the time to plan your move in advance. Fortunately, you can have a pleasant moving experience by organising your relocation ahead of time to prevent mistakes and scheduling errors occurring.

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) when moving house:

  • Should I hire removalists or do it myself? You will need to determine what is of greater importance to you when moving house - saving time or money?

    If you want to save time and not necessarily reduce moving costs, hiring movers is the probably the best choice. You will pay more for full-service moving, but you will be rewarded with a virtually stress-free move that is executed for you.

    If your top priority is to save money when moving house, do-it-yourself moving will give you the opportunity to rent and drive a moving truck to your new home. This option entails more effort on your part, but you will save more money compared to hiring full-service relocationists.
  • Should I buy moving boxes or use free moving boxes? Brand-new moving boxes are the most reliable choice to transport your belongings when moving house. However, new boxes are more expensive than used boxes.

    New moving boxes can cost as much as $400 for a 3 to 4 bedroom home, compared to zero cost for gathering free boxes from friends, family, neighbours, and retail stores in your area.

    So are you willing to put in the extra effort to gather moving boxes in advance? Or do you need a quick solution in buying new boxes online or from a moving retailer?

    For the best of both worlds when moving home, consider buying brand-new boxes online from a retailer that will give you a refund when you return the used boxes in good condition.

  • Should I clean my house myself or hire a service? If you have a small flat or home, cleaning your house yourself is the most economical option when moving house. However, if you're pressed for time or have a very large home, you may want to hire a cleaning service for this task.

    When it comes to carpet cleaning, you can hire a carpet cleaning service or rent a carpet cleaning machine yourself. In most cases, hiring a service is the most convenient option with prices as low as $50 for two rooms.

    If you have a very tight moving budget, you can rent carpet cleaning machinery to steam clean your carpets yourself. Though, if you're renting, it may be a condition of your lease to provide proof that your carpets were professionally steam cleaned and therefore DIY cleaning may not be an option.

  • Should I do change of address notifications myself or use a service? Depending on how many companies you need to notify your change of address to, it may be more effective to use an online service such as Australia Post's Notify Organisations service.

    The service allows you to easily notify organisations you deal with, of your new address. Also, if you require your mail redirected to your new address, then Australia Post's Mail Redirection service will easily take care of it.