Organise your mail redirection early

When you move house it is advisable to redirect your mail so that no important letters, bills or memberships get left behind at your old address. The mail redirection service provided by Australia Post is not only easy to apply for and cost effective, it also gives you peace of mind to know your mail will move with you to your new location.

For residential moves or business moves, mail redirection is easy and it means you don't have to worry about informing your change of address details with organisations prior to moving, as all of your mail will arrive at your new address.

With Australia Post all you need to do is either go into an outlet and fill out an application for mail redirection or go online. The form is simple to fill out and allows you to allocate the date from which your mail should be redirected to your new address.

Whether you need to redirect your mail for a permanent, temporary or overseas move, Australia Post has an option to suit your redirection needs. If you are not returning to your old address, you can select a permanent redirection and have your mail redirected for one, three, six or twelve months.

If you are returning to your old address and your move is only temporary, you can allocate a date for the service to end and your mail will return with you to your old address.

Australia Post needs three working days after you lodge the application to start the service, so ensure you apply at least three days before you move.

To safeguard your mail, Australia Post will verify your identity when you complete your application. Acceptable forms of identification vary depending on the type of application and how you are submitting your application.

However, if you apply in-store, Australia Post accepts Photo ID (Drivers Licence or Passport) or a document with your name and address or your authorised signature.

The in-store application form for mail redirection allows you to nominate up to seven names (more if necessary, just attach a separate form). All mail addressed to variations of the names listed on the application, will be redirected ensuring all mail is forwarded to your new address.

If you are moving overseas, you can also apply for an international mail redirection through Australia Post. Your mail will be delivered to your new international address with the exception of any mail that requires custom clearance or signature on delivery.

Mail of this kind will be returned to sender and marked undeliverable. Mail redirected to an overseas address can also be subjected to security related delays.

Australia Post's Mail Redirection service is a great way to ensure that no important mail will get left behind, when moving house. Apply at any retail outlet or lodging your application online.