Planning a move

Planning a Move

Moving house can be a demanding task but it can be made a lot easier if you do the necessary planning. Trying to organise moving your family and items can make moving home quite challenging. Below you’ll find information on planning a move including tips and checklists.

Types of moves

If you’re moving home locally, interstate or overseas, we provide information to help you better understand what is required for each type of move.

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How to move house

There are so many decisions to make when moving house. Choosing whether to hire professional moving services or doing it yourself is part of the mix. Here, we will ...

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Moving checklists

A great way to identify what you need to do when moving home is by having a checklist. Here you can access a wide range of checklists to help with your move.

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Moving costs

All the requirements needed for moving house can mount up and therefore so can the cost of moving house. Costs will vary depending on the size of your move. This section ...

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Changing address

When moving home, you’ll need to notify various organisations of your change of address. This section contains information about redirecting mail and who to notify about ...

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