The benefits of hiring a moving truck

The biggest benefit of moving truck hire is the ability to save money on your relocation - potentially hundreds of dollars. Moving truck rental means that you are completely in charge of your move without the help or support of a moving service.

This type of do-it-yourself moving definitely requires more work, yet it is the ideal choice for a tight moving budget since you won't have to pay movers to do the work for you.


Moving truck hire is cost-effective

Compared to the price of full-service movers where they do a wide range of work from loading your belongings into the moving truck, to unloading your furniture at your destination - moving truck rental is significantly cheaper.

Most moving companies will offer rental truck hire with local and nationwide coverage, meaning that you can pick up your truck and drop it off at a different location when you're finished.

If you have considered hiring a moving service to move you across state or country, you may be astonished at how much it will cost. For a large move to a different area of the state or country, moving truck hire will help you save significant money.

The one caveat to keep in mind is that you must have the manpower and time to move all your belongings. Yes, you will be saving money on moving truck rental, but you will still have to invest time and effort to execute your move by yourself.


Things to consider

There are some important decisions that need to be made before deciding on moving truck hire:

  • What size vehicle do you need? Take careful inventory of all your boxes and belongings so that you can book the right size moving truck for relocation.

    If you book a truck that is too small, you run the risk of having to do extra trips back and forth which is likely to cost you time and effort.

    If you book a truck that is too large, you will be wasting money unnecessarily on your moving truck hire with the already paid-up yet unrequired space.
  • What equipment and supplies do you need? Gathering equipment and supplies is a vital component of do-it-yourself moving. You will need furniture pads, specialty boxes for dishes and garments, a trolley, bubble wrap, packing tape, chair covers, mattress covers, and bungee cords.
  • How early should you reserve your rental truck? The earlier, the better! In order to secure the right size truck in advance for your move, reserve your rental truck and equipment at least two weeks prior to your moving date.