What is backloading?

Backloading is a common phrase used by removalists to describe an inexpensive moving option. So what does it mean exactly? In order for a moving company to maximise their downtime and increase profit, backloading is available for a truck that is returning from a moving trip empty and can carry a load back to its starting point.

If you take advantage of backloading, you will only pay for the space that your boxes and furniture take up on a moving truck going in one direction.

In essence, you are taking advantage of a removalist's excess inventory since they would prefer to move your belongings as they return back to home base, instead of driving an empty truck. It's actually a win-win for both parties.


Is backloading the right choice for you?

The important point to keep in mind with backloading is that you will potentially share moving truck space with other customers.

If you have no issue with your boxes and furniture being loaded into a truck with another customer's belongings, then this is likely the best and least expensive choice for your relocation.

If you want a moving truck all to yourself for relocation, then full-service or self-service moving will be a better choice for you. While these options are not as economical, they will ensure that you have the private use of a moving truck when you move.

Moving services will emphasise that backloading does not mean that your belongings will receive any less attention or care than with a normal furniture removal service.

This option maybe not ideal for small moves or single items but can be helpful if you need to move a larger household of three or four bedrooms and want to take advantage of cheaper rates.

Similarly, backloading may not be an ideal choice if you are moving from one suburb to another.

However, if you can't afford the high cost of renting a truck or paying for full-service movers for an interstate or cross-country move, a backload move will share the cost of a moving truck amongst several parties.

What many people don't realise is that backloading has become very sought after for long-distance moves by removalists.

Here are the top two benefits of a backload move:

  1. Reduces your environmental impact. Direct trips to and from your new home are inefficient and wasteful. It's important to reduce your environmental impact as one of the tens of thousands of Australians moving on a yearly basis.
  2. Moving trucks are always available. A backload move allows you to take advantage of truck space on short notice. If you want to book a full-service move, it may take longer to secure truck rental for your specific moving dates.


Top moving tip

To prevent your belongings getting mixed up with other people's boxes and furniture during a backload move, clearly label all boxes with your name and their contents.

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