Consider movers and packers to do the lot

What are the advantages of hiring movers and packers to execute your move on your behalf? For starters, if you want to have a virtually stress-free moving relocation, hiring a service to move and pack for you will cut down on your moving time dramatically.

Using movers and packers is much different than do-it-yourself moving. The main difference between the two is time versus money.

Using a moving service for your relocation will save you serious time but will cost extra money. Packing and loading all your belongings yourself without the use of a removals service will be much cheaper but could also take significantly longer to complete.

What is more important to you in your moving relocation: time or money?

After answering that question, you can determine if hiring movers and packers is the right choice for you. Full-service relocationists will pack and load your entire household within a day.

You will have to pay a higher price for convenience, but you will be rewarded with extra time and less stress during your relocation.

Here is how the process of hiring movers and packers works:

  1. The moving service will send a surveyor to your home or apartment to take inventory of all your possessions that need to be packed and loaded, including items in closets, drawers, and storage units. The surveyor will also note valuable items that require special care and handling.
  2. The moving service will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of your relocation, including labour and materials, based on the size of your house.
  3. Movers and packers will arrive to your home on the day of your move to pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings and furniture in your new home.

Full-service relocationists are able to complete your move for you from start to finish, yet there are a few tasks that are outside of their area of expertise.

Do not expect full-service relocationists to sort through your shelves and closets to throw out old items or donate belongings to charity.

If you want to save money on a moving service and relocate efficiently, take the time to sort through your belongings beforehand to pack and move only the items you need.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring a moving service is convenience. It can take time and effort to gather moving supplies, sort and pack your belongings, load a moving truck, and drive to your new home.

If you have the extra funds in your moving budget to pay for a full-service move, you will be able to move efficiently in a shorter amount of time.


Top moving tip

Most relocationists will offer a packing service at an extra price. When contacting moving companies for price estimates, make sure to request pricing for full-service packing for your relocation.

If you're able to find an inexpensive, separate packing service, you can book them in addition to a moving service to save money.

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