Where to get boxes for moving

Historically speaking, getting boxes for moving was an inconvenient and sometimes expensive experience. With these handy hints though, you will be able to find the moving boxes you want, without all the hassle.

If looking for free boxes for moving, then the best places to find them are at locally owned supermarkets and retail stores. When these types of stores stock their shelves, they usually have a surplus of boxes of all shapes and sizes that need to be disposed of.

All you need to do is ask the managerial staff of such retail stores as book stores and bottle shops, if they're ok with you taking the spare boxes off their hands.

Any shop that receives stock from an outside source will have boxes at some time or another and most managers are happy to recycle their boxes by allowing others to take them off their hands.

Be wary of some boxes though, that have been used to store fruit or vegetables and have become soft from moisture and / or do no longer have flap-tops to secure them.

Some boxes will be weaker than others, so look at the boxes carefully and judge which ones are more suitable to be used for heavy items and which are in an acceptable state to be loaded with light items only.

For strong, purpose built boxes, you can purchase or rent boxes for moving, at resonable prices. When you are moving your precious and fragile items, the last thing you need is a box falling apart at the seams, just as the removalist is carrying it away.

Specifically designed moving boxes are not only affordable but they are the best protection for your belongings during a local, interstate or international move. The further you are moving the more vital the quality of your boxes needs to be.

There are many retailers in Australia that offer different prices on moving boxes. Many of these businesses also offer a great new option which is renting boxes for moving. When you rent boxes, you pay a much smaller amount of money and return the boxes (in good condition) after you have finished unpacking.

The great thing about this, is that not only is it more cost effective but you also don't have to find a place to stack and store that huge pile of cardboard after you're done. Someone will come and collect it and you will be cardboard free in your new home with no excess clutter to speak of.

Finding the best deal is really up to you. The internet is an excellent resource for searching and comparing deals and prices. It's a really smart idea to check some forums and reviews to see how other people viewed the services (and boxes) from different companies.

Getting your hands on boxes for moving isn't difficult. There are plenty of places competing for your business, so take the time to really know what you require, do your research and get quotes before you spend any money on boxes.