Moving house

Moving House

Now that you’ve planned your move, it’s time to put your moving house plan into action. This section provides guides and information on key tasks during the actual move such as packing your belongings, finding removalists and house cleaning.


Packing for moving home is a task that most people dread but it’s an unfortunate necessity. Here you will find information on ways to effectively pack your belongings and ...

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Moving boxes and supplies

In order to pack your things for your house move, you’ll need moving boxes and supplies. Here you will find information on how to organise the right supplies for your ...

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Reduce the stress of moving your items by hiring professionals. Removalists will do all the lifting and some will even pack for you, if you don’t have the time to do it ...

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Vehicles for moving

There are many types of vehicles for hire if you choose not to hire a professional moving service. Moving trucks, vans and trailers are options that cater for all types ...

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Cleaning the house

When moving house, we all want to avoid doing the cleaning, but it needs to be done. Deciding whether to hire house cleaners or doing it yourself depends on time and ...

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